About Our Staff

All of the massage therapists here at Crest Massage are
State Licensed Therapists and caring people.

Marlene Varady LMT Marlene Varady - License #1971 has been licensed since 1985 and has her own style of deep vigorous massage and stretching, also using lineaments, aroma therapy oils and Hot Stones. Marlene started the Crest Massage Center about 30 years ago. As a young child she had interest in touching and helping people feel better , and started with massaging her grandmothers hands and feet. She has been touching people ever since. Currently she is seeing only a couple of people a day.



Richard Wohlberg LMT Richard Wohlberg - License #4121 is the co-owner of Crest Massage Center, and has been a licensed massage therapist in Eugene since 1989, about 25 years. He is experienced in treating a number of body conditions, especially neck, shoulder, low back and hip pain. He has studied and uses a variety of techniques to assist you in your healing and relieving, pain, injury and stress. Some of the methods are swedish, deep tissue, myofacial release, muscle energy technique, acupressure, functional indirect and dynamic manual interface. One of the methods used to treat low back, hip and neck pain, is assessing the client in various positions for bone deviations, then using gentle client assisted stretches, (M.E.T.), to correct the imbalances. This relieves the stresses on the muscles, bones and the nerves, creating a neutral environment for healing. Also using some subtle methods for freeing up stuck areas, especially helping the neck, releasing pain and increasing range of motion.


Diane Braun LMTDiane Braun - License #3142 Licensed since 1990, Diane specializes in several modalities and offers customized body work always designed to fit the needs of the client. Diane uses her understanding of body patterns, energetic systems and kinesiology to key into the body's current issues and works to resolve pain/discomfort for the long term. Diane also understands the need for you the client to understand your body's rhythm, the cycle of discomfort/pain and helps educate you about your body's response system. Diane draws from several modalities including: Kinesiology, Advanced Craniosacral, Myopathic muscle release, Lymphatic massage, Muscle alignment, Visceral massage, Sports massage and Kinesiology taping for muscle fatigue and pain. Diane is also an EMT, has served on the board for Reiki Practitioners, given presentations and trained athletes on injury prevention and performance. I am happy to be a part of Crest Massage Center and extend a warm welcome to you for a bodywork session.