Injured in an Auto Accident in South Eugene?

We work on a lot of folks injured from motor vehicle accidents who live in South Eugene. Massage is very beneficial in helping heal injuries from whiplash and trauma sustained from sudden impact. Often when we experience a collision there is not only the physical injury, but the mental/emotional trauma as well. Massage, with a caring, knowledgeable therapist assists in the healing of many aspects of the injury. Your car insurance in almost all cases will pay for you massage therapy as long as it's not been over a year since the accident. Being located in South Eugene makes it convient so you can get your care and then go home where you are able to rest properly.

Come Experience Our Prenatal
Massage Table

Crest Massage Center has been helping relieve the discomforts, aches and pains of pregnant women for more than two decades. We have a great tool for assisting expectant moms, an electric lift prenatal table! This table allows mothers to be, the comfort of laying face down with belly and breast recesses. Post surgery, and pre birth moms can finally lie on their bellies without discomfort or fear of hurting their babies. If you or someone close to you are expecting, please come, or send them, for a prenatal massage at crest massage center. You will be treated to the best pain relief and relaxation available!

About Massage in South Eugene

At Crest Massage Center we provide an atmosphere of peaceful, healing energy. It is located across from Morse Ranch Park's 30 acres of beautiful woods and flowing creek, and has plenty of space for parking.

Currently we have five massage therapists each with there own styles of treatment, some of which are, deep tissue, swedish, myofacial release, muscle energy technique and hot stones.

We offer three treatment rooms, one of which can be a couples, or group massage room, all with very comfortable tables. We also have one outdoor table in a beautiful garden setting, (seasonally).

There is a wonderful outdoor therapy hot tub, that clients often use before receiving their massage. It gives a feeling of peace and separation from the world. Robes are provided; and towels may be rented for your convenience. At the Center, we also carry a variety of products and tools to assist you in your health and well-being. Crest Massage Center is here to serve the needs of those who come for relaxation and healing.


Crest Massage Center was created in 1985 when, founder, Marlene Varady, was a single mom with four children, newly divorced. It was started in a three bedroom house that Marlene rented at 420 Crest drive.

In the beginning it had only one massage room, the other two rooms were used as bedrooms. Some time later it expanded into having two massage rooms.

The Massage Center building was purchased in 1992 by Marlene and her current husband Richard, and, with the help of family and friends. Owning the massage center home has enabled for some great improvements. Once purchased the garage was converted into a lovely studio, serving as the couples massage and yoga room.

In 2002 a new hot tub was purchased, replacing the 13 year old tub. Of course now, we've had the new one for 12 years, and it's looks as good as new. At that same time, a new outdoor tub enclosure was built, with a new light allowing roof, making it a beautiful space to be in while soaking in the tub. Somewhere around that time an outdoor deck was built, to provide a space for fresh air massages.

Now there are three treatment rooms, a yoga studio, outdoor covered hot tub room, and an outdoor treatment area. We also have a wonderful rain fountain in the front, that provides the peaceful sounds of falling water.

In the beginning, it was Marlene, who would usually have one other massage therapist working with her. Currently, it is Marlene, Richard, and three other full to part-time therapists working here at Crest Massage Center six days a week.

We give our thanks to all those who have come over the years and that continue to come to make this center into what it is today.